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SolarPaces2015 - Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Conference Topics

  • Solar Energy for the Mining Industry
  • Parabolic Trough Systems
  • Central Receiver Systems
  • Linear Fresnel Systems
  • Dish/Engine Systems
  • Power Cycles
  • Heat Transfer Fluids 
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Thermochemical Energy Storage
  • Commercial Projects in the World
  • Policy and Marketing
  • Grid Integration and Transmission
  • Solar Fuels and Chemical Commodities
  • Direct solar metallurgy
  • Process Heat
  • Water Desalination and Detoxification
  • Emerging Concepts
  • Hybridization
  • Solar Resource Assessment
  • Flux and Temperature Measurements
  • Software Tools for CSP Analysis and Simulation 
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Reliability and Service Life Prediction of Components


Please note: The overall scope of the SolarPACES conferences is the technology and application of concentrating solar thermal technologies. Therefore contributions that have no relation to this scope are not eligible for the conference. 

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